Sunday, January 19, 2014


Whoa!its already 2014! Time does fly by rather quickly. Hope y'all r having a great start.I have been really lacking behind with my blog post (mostly laziness is to blame here) but wait ..actually lately I really don't feel like being in-front of the camera..I do love fashion passionately but I rather be behind the scene.These pictures are from my recent travel around Northeast  of India. This is somewhere in Manipur on the way to Somdal. Such  a lovely place it was! breathtaking moment! 

Hope you all have a great year !

Monday, July 15, 2013

Feels like We only Go backwards..

                              Yeah ! I am not really done with buttoned-ups .I got this vintage denim skirt while back,never got 
                               to wear until today,but I think it needs a bit of repairing! Anyways the title of the post is the song from Tame Impala.The song has been on my playlist for a while ,give it a go too !!